In Belgium, you will receive the full or partial reimbursement of your medication provided that it is prescribed by a doctor and is included on the list of reimbursed medication.

Pay only your personal share

Go to any pharmacy and give them your medical prescription. Thanks to the third-party payment rule, you will only pay your personal share of the medication (the remainder will be paid by your mutuality) if you have one of these cards:

  • Belgian identity card with chip: present your card
  • Belgian identity card without chip: present your card and an identification sticker
  • a diplomatic identity card or other: present your card and an identification sticker

To obtain a reimbursement for medication

If you do not have any of these cards, you have to pay the full amount and then request a reimbursement. Ask the pharmacy for the 'Annexe 30' or the BVAC.
To request a reimbursement, send the original 'Annexe 30' to:

  • Partenamut, Boulevard Louis Mettewie 74/76, 1080 Brussels
  • or Partena Ziekenfonds, Sluisweg 2, 9000 Ghent.

Pharmacies on duty

If you need a pharmacy outside opening hours you will find an on duty pharmacy in your region. Ensure you have a prescription so you do not have to pay a supplement.

For a higher reimbursement of medical costs, we offer supplementary insurance: Hospitalia Ambulatory (not to be combined with Medicalia)

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