Expat in Belgium?

Working in Belgium generally means you have to subscribe with Belgium's social security. This registration gives you access to healthcare reimbursements (hospital, doctor, pharmacist) or indemnities when you are unable to work (long-term illness, childbirth, etc.)

Partena Expats

Thanks to Partena Expats, dealing with healthcare has never been so easy!

Partena Expats is an apolitical public health insurance provider which is part of the Union of Independant Health Insurance Funds of Belgium. Regardless of your status or situation, we will help you to register for Belgian social security and will perform the necessary formalities with the Belgian administrations.

Are you not a customer?

Are you not a customer but would like to know how we can help you with your health cover? We offer you two options for meeting with us:

  • Video call appointment with a Partena Business&Expats adviser
    Make a remote appointment to meet an adviser from your computer or tablet, just as though you were in a branch.
  • Contact by phone
    Fill in the form and one of our Partena Business&Expats advisers will contact you very quickly.