Partena Expats is an apolitical public health insurance provider which is part of the Union of Independant Health Insurance Funds of Belgium. Regardless of your status or situation, we will help you to register for Belgian social security and will perform the necessary formalities with the Belgian administrations.

Why choose Partena Expats?

  • Partena Expats is a public health insurance provider (mutuelle/ziekenfonds).
  • We are an independent health insurance provider: without political or religious ties.
  • We are nationally present and are multilingual.
  • We have a great deal of expertise in international agreements and specialise in the expatriate community, offering a reliable advisory and support service, in English if required.
  • Partena Expats offers: 
    • a wide range of insurance solutions
    • access your health insurance file online via the online desk
    • a mobile application

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An adviser contacts you

Prefer a phone call? Let us know your contact details and one of our Partena Business&Expats advisers will contact you very quickly.